Baby’s First Cold

It’s 3 AM and the Wee Baby T is wide awake. His crying is interrupted only by the adorable little snort noises he makes through his stuffed nose.  I’m fumbling in the dark with the NoseFrida – the single most revolting (yet genius) invention ever.


K is out like a light having just taken some cold medication herself, so it’s all up to me.  Steady, steady… SUCK! *retch*

We can bicker and argue about who brought this cold into the house from their subway commutes all day, but until we get through it, the blame doesn’t really matter.

SUCK! *retch*

The sweating, runny nose, sore throat.  K calls it my ‘sexy voice season’. I call it winter. Whereas in previous years I could just pack it up for 5 months and not get out of bed unless I was getting paid to do so, things have changed.  I got the flu shot for the first time this year.  I’ve always figured I’ll get flu, stay in bed for a week, and then be covered – leave the shots for the old people.

SUCK! *retch*

Surely there can’t be more in there, am I getting your brain??

The thing is, once he can breathe T goes back to being a normal baby, all giggles and smiles, but for 10 minutes he lets the world know he is unimpressed with this new sensation.

*retch* SUCK *retch*

Nap times have gone right out the window, as has any sense of scheduled feedings.  We’re pretty much just flying by the seat of our pants. Wish us luck, I’ve got to go clean this thing.



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