::dadsense:: Dad’s Every Day Carry:

Our lives have changed massively in the last year.  Going out used to be easy: Do the 3 point Macarena check on the way out the door (wallet, keys, phone – thanks Los del Rio!) and off you went.  Now things are a little different.


Even on my lightest day I’ve got each pocket filled. My phone is no longer a staple, replaced by a zip-lock bag with 2 diapers, a fist full of wipes, and some lilac scented dog bags. I’ve got a climbing pouch formerly used for chalk clipped on my belt to hold a spare bottle, extra pacifiers in a handy carry case, a burp cloth over the shoulder, a go-juice for good measure, and of course – the Wee Baby T.  Now I’m ready to walk down to the convenience store for… What did we need again?

Longer trips require additional supplies. The stroller is constantly stocked with a water bottle, change pad, cooler bag, and a warm blanket.  Clip on the diaper bag and you’re set for a full 8 hour outing with an outfit to spare.

And then there is the weekend bag. 20 diapers, 12 outfits, swaddles, bottles, wipes, blankets, and a few toys ought to do the trick.

Maybe it was my Boy Scout years, but I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and be covered in spit-up! That said, my chiropractor is loving this level of preparation.

What am I missing?  Whats in your every day carry?


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