Baby tracking – There’s an app for that!

“How many wet diapers has the Wee Baby T had in the last 24 hours?”

Ahh crap.  My pediatrician is going to think I’m a bad parent. How do I not know this?  Ok, calm down – you can do this… “Six? Maybe?”


I hadn’t slept the night before, it felt like I was constantly changing diapers.  I swear, this kid always holds something back, we joke that he is ‘waiting for the first responders’.  So with a lack of sleep and multiple trips to the change table, it was a bit of a blur. “Maybe 9.” I add.

There are so many things to keep track of:  How often is he eating, when did he sleep last, has he pooped today?  I can’t remember.  Fortunately I don’t have to.  I mentioned in a previous post that you absolutely need a baby tracking app.  I stand by that – it has made our lives so much better, and we found one that is free!

The Baby Care Log app tracks feeding (both bottle and nursing), sleep, diapers, medication, bath time, solid foods, breast pumping, and a custom tracking option where you can enter whatever activity you like.  These options are completely customizable, so you can list the options you use.  The app also tracks your baby’s growth rates and compares it to average growth, and generates reports and graphs for sleep, feeding, diapers, etc.

The math lover in me can’t get enough of the statistics available, while the lazy part of me loves that I don’t have to calculate it myself!

The app is free with add support.  The adds typically pop up between screens and can be bypassed by hitting the back button on your phone.

The Baby Care Log has helped us plan our lives a little better.  We know when T will want to eat, when he should be taking a nap, and obviously the dreaded question of how many diapers he blows through (sometimes litterally) in a day.  At midnight when I turn in and let K take over I don’t have to wake her to provide a status update, the app will sync the information directly to her phone so she can pick up where I left off.

Tracking T’s growth in photos is fun, but the Baby Care Log keeps all kinds of useful info.

Some of the timing features are a little wonky – some have an AM/PM selection, others are on a 24 hour clock, but once you get used to it, the app is pretty intuitive.  Plus, you’ll figure out if you tracked something wrong when the daily report shows your little one slept for 32 hours yesterday.

Our next Pediatrician appointment is coming up soon.  This time, I’m ready!

Good luck out there.


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