::review:: Sleep solutions: Graco Pack N Play

While K was pregnant we went through a list of things we would need – crib, strollercarrier… check, check, check.  The only thing we were unsure of was how we would arrange for T to sleep when we traveled to see his grandmother.  Was it worth buying another crib to leave there for the 1 or 2 weekends each month that we visit, or was there a better option?  At $164.00 we found the Graco Pack and Play was a great value and looked like a perfect solution!


Health Canada is very specific about letting your infant sleep in playpens – Don’t.  That said we met with some representatives from Health Canada who could shed some light on the ruling.  Playpens are often packed away, taken out, folded and unfolded.  This can easily lead to a deterioration of the materials used in the playpen itself, which can cause a choking hazard.  However, if the playpen is well maintained and not used for prolonged periods we were advised it can be a perfectly safe alternative to a full-sized crib.  Plus, it is a better option than bed sharing in their opinion.

So if you are using it for a weekend and it is kept clean and well maintained, no problem. Good, on with the review!

The pack and play has an adjustable height setting to create a ‘bassinet’ option for babies under 15 lbs.  This really helps for the first few months so you don’t have to bend right down to pick up your little one. Once he can roll over and push up onto his hands and knees it’s time to drop the mattress down and buy stock in A535, because your back is going to get sore!

When it comes time to fold up the Pack N Play, it’s a breeze. Pull the middle strap,  release the sides, wrap the entire thing up in the mattress and slide it in the bag.  It weighs about 23 lbs, but the convenient handle makes it manageable, and the compact design fits easily into the trunk of a mid-size car along with a stroller frame and a couple carry on sized bags.

My only issue with the Pack N Play is it isn’t a standard mattress size, so finding crib sheets that fit snug is a challenge.  We don’t actually use sheets with it, but cleaning the non-waterproof mattress proves to be a bit of a challenge.

All told T slept like a rock at Grandma’s, so clearly the Pack N Play is ok in his books!

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