::dadlife:: Work/Life Ballance

After 3 weeks “on holiday”, I returned to work – to a stack of e-mails, a laundry list of to-dos, and a bulging voice-mail box.

Surprisingly, it was easier to catch up than it was to take care of the Wee Baby T! After 3 hours my e-mails were under control, another couple of hours to return phone calls, and then I started tackling the work related ‘daddy do’ list with renewed enthusiasm.  I wasn’t tired, and apart from my colleagues asking how T was doing I wasn’t interrupted. I just put my head down and got to it.

Then I looked up.  The office was empty, it was 7 PM.  I was so wrapped up in “just one more thing” mode that I stayed at work for hours.  That’s when the exhaustion hit.  I fell asleep on the streetcar ride home, I hadn’t eaten since 7 am, and when I walked in the door all I could think was I had failed this day.

The fact is, we all have responsibilities.  There are expectations set by employers, by society, and by ourselves.  Balancing these expectations will make you a better employee, heck, a better human being.

Bless K, she understood entirely. As I warmed up some food she handed me T and we watched some bad TV until it was time to start it all over again – this time, I’ll get it right…


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