::review:: Playtex Drop-Ins

IMAG0772.jpgFathers can save the day (or night) by feeding their newborns with Playtex Drop-Ins.

In the first few months, your little one will be feeding every 2 to 3 hours, which means mom may be up 4 or 5 times a night. If mom is pumping breastmilk or supplimenting with formula, you can let her sleep by taking over a few feedings each night; this will give both of you a few extra hours of vital sleep. Unfortunately there is more to feeding your newborn than giving them a sippy cup of warm milk and heading back to bed. Bottles need to be washed and sterilized, milk needs to be warmed, diapers changed, and that’s even before you start feeding. Minimizing prep time is key, which is why we started using Playtex Drop-Ins with our newborn.

The pre-sterilized liners with clear measurement markings help get milk from the fridge to your baby quickly, and at about 9 cents per 4 oz liner, the convenience and practicality is well worth the cost. For more budget conscious dad’s  (aren’t we all?), off-brand liners are available and compatible with the Playtex system.

I have found that the entire feeding process is easier with liners. I half fill a mug with water and microwave it for 45 seconds. While the water is warming up I pour an appropriate amount of pre-pumped milk from the fridge directly in to the liner (better to over estimate. La Letche League says it is OK to put leftover milk back in the refrigerator for future use!).  Once the water is warm, just drop the bottle with full liner in and let it sit while you rouse the little guy and change his diaper. By the time I have him clean and dressed the milk is ready to go!

Unlike standard bottles, the deflating action of the liner prevents the creation of a vacuum in the bottle, resulting in less air mixing with the milk, creating a more natural experience, and a less gassy baby.

Clean-up is a breeze with the Playtex system. Once he is finished I can either pop the entire bottle back in the fridge, or if empty, throw the liner away and put the nipple in the dishwasher. Well done dad, your job is done for another couple hours!

What are your feeding solutions?

Good luck out there.


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